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Sasha Obama Lip-Syncing City Girls Raunchy Lyrics Goes Viral On

Sasha Obama is trending on Twitter and its all because of this video of her lip-syncing City Girls song.

The children of former presidents experience pressure, and criticism like most of us will never understand. This is especially true for the two daughters of the first Black president of the United States, Barack Obama. Sasha and Malia Obama have been put under a microscope since day one of their life in the spotlight, and at every turn, they have proven that they are both intelligent, strong, and competent young women. Now a viral Tik-Tok video featuring Sasha Obama is making its way around the internet, earning a wide variety of reactions, including praise, criticism, and fierce defensiveness from supporters of the Obama family.

The video which was featured on Sasha’s friend’s TikTok page shows the friend and Sasha lip-syncing to a City Girls song. Both young women show off their impressive lip-syncing skills while rapping along to every lyric, curse words and all. The same video made by any other nineteen-year-old would be considered commonplace, but because of Sasha’s role in the world as a former first child, everyone has something to say about the innocent clip. Thankfully, plenty of internet users anticipated the backlash and showed up ready to defend Sasha at every turn.

Twitter comments about the video included one user who wrote, “Let’s be clear- Sasha Obama is 19 years old. Full Stop! Now, unless you have something good to say, keep her name out of your dandy mouth!”

Another user showed up just in case she witnessed any nonsense, writing, “I just stop by to see if somebody have something to say about Sasha Obama because BAYBAY, I’m THAT aunteee……..”

Patricia Arquette joined in to defend White House children on both sides, saying, “Leave Sasha Obama and Barron Trump alone.” While there will always be plenty of haters out there, it seems the Obama daughters have plenty of passionate protectors on their side, ready to take down the trolls.