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50 Cent Clowns Young Buck After Girlfriend Shot At Him, Buck Respond Calling Him Informant

50 Cent Young Buck
50 Cent, Young Buck

50 Cent is trolling Young Buck for getting shot at by his girl.

It looks like Young Buck’s place on 50 Cent’s trolling targets list is not only high up but may also be permanent. The G-Unit co-founder has been throwing shade at the rapper on social media for months now, ever since his release from jail at the top of the year. Between the contract feud with G-Unit, his reported bankruptcy, and the rumors about his extracurricular activities with transgenders, Buck has basically played into Fifty’s hand so far, but this time he might have inadvertently provided more content for the infamous social media troll.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Young Buck’s girlfriend, Lucresia Neal, sent several shots the rapper’s way, and we don’t mean subliminally. After a disagreement they had at home escalated, Neal opened fire at Buck, who was captured getting away on surveillance footage outside the house. The still shot shows the woman aiming the gun at the rapper as he fled from the driveway in his truck.

Buck was not injured, according to reports, but Neal was arrested for reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon. 50 Cent had to chime in, of course, and he did so in the form of a hilarious video clip and accompanying caption on Twitter. “Better stop playing with them boys, on Ig Buck she want YOUR pass word. LOL,” he wrote, throwing shade about Young Buck’s alleged history of involvement with transgenders.

The video he shared was of a man snatching his girl’s purse while he thought she was asleep only for her to wake up and start going trigger crazy. I guess Fifty thought he would kill two birds with one stone and just include the bankruptcy narrative while he was at it.

Fifty never misses an opportunity to troll Young Buck. Do you believe he will ever have his fill?

Young Buck has since responded to 50 Cent calling him a confidential informant. “Somebody tell this b**ch a*s ni**a 50 Cent Finish Dat Bowl of #FruitSteroids … and wrap ya Monthly Police Report Up …. C.I #ConfidentialInformant Face Ass … CURTIS…it’s me BUCK….don’t ever forget I Know U….and I Ain’t Got Started Yet,” Young Buck wrote on IG.