Govana Say What The Ladies Want To Hear In “That Mi Like Hear” Video Feat. Xtassi

Govana and Xtassi feeds the ladies with exactly the content that they want in “Think Mi Like Hear.”

Dancehall artiste Govana continues to exceed the expectations of his fans with his fresh and witty takes on various topics. In his latest release, he revisits his preferred concept of relationships, a topic he explores with female deejay Xtassi on their new song “That Mi Like Hear.” The official audio was released just about a month ago, and as expected, fans were eager to see just what Govi would bring to the table with his music video.

The deejay has been one of the leading acts in that department over the last couple of years, using witty skits and some stellar acting from himself and other local talents to bring them to life. For reasons unknown to us, the deejay doesn’t opt for his usual allies RD Studios. Not to worry, though, as 300K, who has worked with the likes of Jada Kingdom, Kabaka Pyramid, Busy Signal, Stalk Ashley, Popcaan, Koffee, and a host of other top Jamaican talents, delivers a banging concept.

With a name such as Govana, it was only time before he got his own talk show, perfectly called ‘The Govi Show.’ As the host, Govana makes it known that this is the show where all “girls matter, even if” their ears are “battered.” He wastes little time before getting into an interview with a couple on the brink of disrepair.

While fans were hoping to get a continuation of Chris’ character player by Deno Crazy, they were given a different actor playing the role of Nick. Presumably, Deno’s artistic abilities would have been wasted in that role since Nick’s character only performs a few lines. Govana and Xtassi, who is Nick’s partner, take up much of the screentime as the female details her frustration, and Govana offers up solutions.

However, there is a twist, as towards the latter part of the show, Xtassi reveals she only joined to secure a chance with Govana, a man who doesn’t mind spending his cash on his ladies. While the Spanish Town deejay encourages the act, he does have a disclaimer to only do so after you have taken care of your family and secured other essentials.

You can check out the hilarious music video below.