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Noah “40” Shebib Says Drake Album ‘Certified Lover Boy’ Could Drop Any Moment

Noah 40 and Drake

Drake’s producer says the rapper’s new album could drop any time.

As fans continue to wait patiently for the arrival of Drake’s sixth studio album, his producer Noah “40” Shebib offers an update. 40 appeared on Kevin Durant’s podcast “The ETCs with Kevin Durant,” where he briefly discussed Drake’s impending album. During the interview, he revealed that Drake may have been sitting on the completed project for the better part of a year. “He’s always got it. He had it eight months ago. He had it six months ago, three months ago, 10 months ago. He’s always got it,” he said. “Does that mean he’s done? Sh*t, I don’t know. He might make 10 songs next week. I don’t know, but he’s got it.”

So what’s the hold-up, you ask? Well, the Toronto rapper seems to be taking his time with perfecting his follow-up to 2018’s Scorpion. He initially announced that the album would be ready by summer 2020, and an OVO producer confirmed that it was almost done in August. When it failed to meet the expected release, Drake dropped the first single off the album “Laugh Now Cry Later” featuring Lil Durk. Drizzy also revealed that the title of the album would be Certified Lover Boy.

At this point, the project appears to be fully ripe and ready to be picked, but when we get to hear, it is Drake’s call. In the interview, 40 explained that “He’s gon’ pull the trigger when he wants to pull it. Whether or not he thinks he’s ready or not, he’s always ready,” he explained. “If he had to drop the album tomorrow, he drops it tomorrow.”

He continued, “The other thing about Drake, Drake can make the industry move. If Drake says, ‘Yo, I want to drop my album on Friday,’ the industry’s gonna jump and it’s coming out Friday. He’s gonna make that call, it’s gonna happen.” Funny he mentioned Friday seeing as it’s Drake’s birthday next weekend. Could we be in for a surprise drop?