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Offset Spent $8000 On A Custom Rolls-Royce Car Seat For Kulture

Cardi B Instagram

Offset and Cardi B’s baby girl Kulture has her own custom Rolls-Royce car seat.

The Atlanta rapper has worn many distasteful monikers in the past when it comes to his relationship with Cardi B, including liar, cheater, and on rare occasions, two-timing snake. Still, it’s also hard to deny the good the father of 4 has done, especially when it involves his youngest daughter Kulture. Aside from truly loving him some Mrs. WAP, he also loves the little one they made together, and will seemingly spend any figure to have her tricked out from head to toe.

Back in July, Offset bought his 2-year-old an $8000.00 Birkin bag for her birthday. On October 12, the Migos rapper confessed to spending the same figure on a custom Roll Royce car seat to match the Rolls Royce Cullinan he bought for her mom’s 28th birthday! Seemingly knowing just how his daughter gets down when she’s eating, he shared an image of the car seat, which he jokingly captioned.

“8 thousand dollar car seat and I bet it has peanut butter and jelly on it in 1 week,” he wrote. However, similar to the lavish purchase some months ago, not everyone in the comment section agreed with the loving father providing the toddler with such expensive items.

“I’m not hating on y’all being rich but this was a waste of money she’s going to grow out of it,” came one comment. Another person said, “Why buy it if you’re going to complain about it. Stop showing off, its juvenile.” Host of The Breakfast Club DJ Envy was so blown away by the price that he could only comment “Yeeksssss….”

However, fellow rapper DaBaby, who is also the father of a toddler, seemed to be intrigued with the purchase when he asked, “Where I buy em at?”

As for Kulture, you get the sense that she will have very expensive taste when she turns a young lady.