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Fivio Foreign’s Baby Mama Speak Out On Alleged Assault

Fivio Foreign’s girlfriend/baby mama is speaking out on reports he was arrested for allegedly assaulting her.

Brooklyn rapper Fivio Foreign is still holding a space in New Jersey’s Bergen County Sheriff’ Jail after he was lifted from his residence at The Alexander condominium by law enforcement on Saturday, October 10, on assault charges. The details surrounding his arrest have been slow in coming to the surface. However, it was reported by The Daily Voice that his arrest was as a result of him assaulting his pregnant girlfriend, who is now with their second child.

The victim, who goes by the name Jasmine Foreign, has since released a public statement explaining what exactly transpired on Saturday. According to the 24-year-old, it was a concerned neighbor who alerted the police, and furthermore, she has no intention to press charges against the father of her kids.

“Thank you all so much for your kind words but I would like to clarify a few things,” came the opening line of the statement. “I did not call the police on Fivio, I did not press charges and I do not want the father of my children in jail. A situation happened in our home and a nosy neighbor called the police. The police are who pressed charges and in time Fivi will be relieved of all charges. Thank you for respecting our privacy at this time.”

The statement was shared by TSR, where persons applauded the neighbor for her actions even though the victim seemed unappreciative. With New Jersey’s bailing system not requiring any form of payment, the rapper is currently at the mercy of a judge, who ruled against Fivio being freed pending further court proceedings.

One can only hope that whatever took place on Saturday was a one-time occurrence, even though history and statistics have shown that domestic violence usually boasts a recurring pattern.