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Big Sean Blast Kanye West On “Timeless”, Charlamagne Tha God Responds

Big Sean recently take shots at Kanye West on his verse form Benny the Butcher’s “Timeless” and now Charlamagne Tha God is weighing in.

The host of The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne Tha God, believes that is indeed what happened, and commended Sean for speaking out on what he sees as unfair treatment from Kanye West. Charlamagne’s comments supplement his bashing of Ye over the last few months, as the “Heartless” rapper waged war against the major labels he is signed to in order to reacquire is masters. During his Twitter outburst, he also promised to help other rappers to get theirs, and even showed is disgust for music executives by peeing on a Grammy award.

It was recently revealed by Big Sean that things are not so peachy with Kanye’s G.O.O.D Music, imprint to which he is signed. The Detroit rapper recently told Fat Joe that he was given a 15,000 advance when he signed to Ye’s label. While not mentioning Kanye’s name, fans seemingly picked up on the instant shade from Sean to Kanye on the verse release a few days ago.

“Signed a slave deal, now a n__ga up, ownin’ my masters/ Watch me turn G.O.O.D. into great/ It’s first steps to everything, even takin’ leaps of faith/ Swear it’s labels that’s up Bs that owe me Ms,” he raps.

“Those bars from Big Sean were clearly to Kanye West,” Charlamagne said, before referencing a previous comment he made about Ye owing Sean millions. “I told y’all a couple weeks ago that Kanye owed Big Sean $3M. I told y’all a couple weeks ago Kanye had Big Sean in a terrible deal where he gets half of Sean’s profits and half of Sean’s royalties. And Big Sean could’ve gotten his masters back but Kanye said no. I told y’all you gotta applaud Sean for his restraint. It gotta be nuts to hear a man brag about being worth $5 billion as Kanye did yesterday but he owes you $3M. Gotta be a crazy feelin’ to hear a man screaming about fightin’ to get folks back their masters but won’t give you back yours.”

Kanye West recently proclaimed to have a net worth of $5 Billion, but a recent assessment by Forbes Magazine stacked him just above 1 Billion. It’s only fair that Sean also wants to stack his paper. However, offering up 50% off all royalties and sales to a label literally cuts those dreams into half.