D’Angel Says She Can Buy A House With OnlyFans Income, Responds To Beenie Man

D’Angel is banking paper on OnlyFans and she isn’t just eyeing a new Porsche, she says she can also buy a house, as she responds to criticism from her ex-husband, Beenie Man.

Dancehall entertainer D’Angel has been causing quite a stir over the last couple of months following the announcement of some very expressive content on her risque OnlyFans platform. Sadly, a few of her more revealing shots recently got leaked to other areas of the internet, leaving D’Angel to threaten anyone else looking to share her neatly hidden goodie without her approval. While no other content has since been leaked, there is still a possibility of a similar incident happening in the future. Beenie Man, the father of D’Angel’s only child, was recently interviewed on the Teach Dem YouTube channel, where he expressed his disapproval of her joining the platform, especially for the sake of their 13-year-old son Marco Dean.

In his opening remarks about her new business venture, Beenie expressed, “That no have nuthin to do with me.” The interviewer reminded the Grammy-winning artiste that she is the mother of his teenage son to which he said, “She suppose to think bout that, I can’t tell her to think bout her youth. She suppose to do that as a mother.” Beenie explained that he made a call to D’Angel where she explained her need to secure her own bag in a way she sees fit; an act the Docta Beenie Man still doesn’t approve of. As for the safety of their son, Beenie feels he is much better off in the company of his companions at school than with his mother. “Marco Dean inna a safe environment when it come to school…cause dem youth de will protect him more than him mother,” said deejay.

D’Angel proceeded to address her ex-husband’s criticisms while being interviewed by The Star a few days following the Youtube upload on Teach Dem’s channel. During the exchange, she revealed that the money she has made from the platform has put her in a place to purchase a house, which we are certain will have ample parking space for the Porsche she was looking to purchase a week ago. Sadly, she did not state the exact dollar figure which she has made, nor has she revealed the current number of persons who have subscribed, a number which should surpass the 100,000 which she mentioned in June.

“It wasn’t until I went on OnlyFans that I realised the demand. I am a model; my body is aesthetically pleasing and all the images are tastefully done like art that, in itself, I am,” she said; countering the pushback from Beenie and other persons who insist that she should stay away because she is a mother.

She also used other content creators such as Cardi B, as proof that there is little to no harm in her actions. “I don’t discriminate what mothers do to provide for their children and in no way does what I am doing dictate the type of mother I am. A lot of the top content creators like Cardi B are parents and it is another source of income. Me haffi guh hard as a mother.”

She explained that she did not check with Beenie Man before signing up however, it was an easy move especially based on the turmoil the entertainment industry is in. As for the leaked images and how they will affect her son, she said, “When the pictures leaked, we sat down and had a mother-son heart-to-heart before anybody else showed him what was circulating. Marco Dean is doing fine, in his own world and sensible.”

Nonetheless, D’Angel continues to heat up her OnlyFans subscribers and her Instagram followers with more racy content. She also recently dropped an interesting snippet of a song seemingly aiming at her ex and other naysayers. The single supposedly titled “Talk About,” sees the Lady of Dancehall borrowing a popular Beenie slang before deejaying, “Gi dem something fi talk about but me nah go make dem draw me out, there is no more you and me wa the hell dem a talk about.”