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Tory Lanez Hit The Studio With Funk Flex After His Dad Proclaim His Innocence

Tory Lanez
Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez was in the studio with Funk Flex working on his new album just after his dad came out strongly defending him.

Despite getting some heavy backlash recently for releasing an album addressing the Megan Thee Stallion shooting, Tory Lanez is getting a lot of support from within the industry. Yesterday, Funkmaster Flex posted a video of them in the studio cooking while reevaling they’re working on his next album. This all comes days after the singer’s father defended him saying he is innocent.

Rapper Tory Lanez and members of his team had remained pretty hush hush over the past couple of months following accusations that he shot rapper Megan Thee Stallion in her feet. Clearly, the time the rapper took was just to allow him to put together to his 17 track explanatory album Daystar, in which he announces his innocence. It seems his team is now cranking things up even further, now that Lanez has said his piece on Daystar. The latest person to come forward is Lanez’s father, Sonstar Peterson, who sided with his son while calling out what various media houses for attempting to sway their readers in favor of Megan while he was being interviewed on Mob Radio.

“Here is a young man who is not going to back down,” he said. “We have seen what the industry has done other Black young men. This is not a Megan-Tory thing. That’s just the billboard advertising so that they can change our opinion or our attention to some other direction. This is much bigger than Megan and Tory. This is first started out as Tory versus the industry.”

He continued, “Now, it’s taking on a life of their own and they’re scared of it because Black folks are waking up. Before the 26 of September, most people had Tory crucified. He’s guilty, he’s whatever. They did not expect what was about to happen, and now the tone of popular opinion is shifting.”

“There have been a lot of lies that have already been told. I think a lot of these people, be it TIME magazine who put Megan on their front cover as the most influential person of the year and then put Tory in another page as being the poster child for how to block troublesome artists on your Spotify. I want y’all to know very clearly: This game ain’t over yet. When the stuff really starts to come out of the closet, they will realize who was right, who was wrong,” said Sonstar about the situation.

Lanez seems quite unbothered about it all, recently dropping “Most High,” which already has 10 Million Youtube videos. “The illuminati trying to get me, but I got a spear like Brittney,” he raps on the track.