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Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron Calls Megan Thee Stallion’s “SNL” Performance ‘Disgusting’

AG Daniel Cameron is responding to Megan Thee Stallion’s performance on SNL, where he was named a sellout.

A lot of the uproar that has ensued amid the recent developments in the Breonna Taylor case has been directed at Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron. After months of protest and advocating for justice for Breonna Taylor, who was unsuspectingly gunned down in her private home by law enforcement officers, the result of the long-pursued case was woefully inadequate.

Only one of the officers involved in the tragic murder was charged, and his indictment had nothing to do with Taylor and rather for reckless endangerment as he fired into a neighbor’s apartment. Megan Thee Stallion had her debut performance on SNL Sunday night and during her time on stage, she called for black women to be better protected.

The show included voiceovers in the background of a Malcolm X speech and a recent statement by activist Tamika Mallory whose vocals could be heard echoing, “Daniel Cameron is no different than the sellout negroes that sold our people into slavery” in the NBC studio.

Cameron responded, expressing his qualms about Megan’s SNL appearance calling it “disgusting” and saying he is being targeted for being a black republican. “Well, let me just say that I agree. We do need to love and protect our Black women,” Cameron said in response. “But the fact that someone would get on national television and make disparaging comments about me because I’m simply trying to do my job is disgusting.

“What you saw and what your viewers saw is something I’ve had to experience because I’m a Black Republican,” he continued. “Because I stand up for truth and justice as opposed to giving in to a mob mentality.”

Daniel Cameron has come under immense fire amid the recent news about the case. He, however, has not been inclined to address any backlashers until it happened on national television. Do you think he was a bit short-sighted for blaming Megan for using Mallory’s slight in her performance?