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DaBaby Music Video Shoot Ended In A Shootout: Reports


DaBaby’s music video shoot may have ended in a shootout on Saturday.

Charlotte rapper DaBaby seems to always be in some sort of trouble, and this time it could be a deadly one after it was reported not too long ago that there was a shootout on the set of one of his music videos. Multiple sources confirmed with Urban Islandz that cops were called in after gunfire erupted near the music video set.

Late Saturday (October 3, 2020) evening, DaBaby shared images and videos of what seems to be a music video in progress in West Blvd Charlotte. While we are unsure of what song the video would be tied to, the area was packed with kids, as well as members of the rapper’s Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment clique, including rapper Stunna 4 Vegas.

Clips of the alleged shooting incident started circulating late Saturday, showing various persons scampering for cover after bullets began to ring out in the area. It’s still unclear if anyone was injured in the shootout or if DaBaby or a member of his crew were targeted.

This incident follows a string of other violent mishaps the rapper has been linked to over the last two years. These include beating up a Beverly Hills hotel employee, which he is now set to battle in court, a previous battery charge against a concert promoter in Miami, as well as a deadly shooting at a Walmart in 2018. While an official motive for the shooting has not been ascertained, a few persons on social media believe that the attack came as a reprisal for the 2018 Walmart incident.

Urban Islandz will provide additional details once they become available.