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Casanova Caught Tory Lanez Living His Best Life At The Club

Tory Lanez was living his best life in the club when Casanova caught up with him in the club last night.

It was hard to deny the reach that Tory Lanez had for the first half of 2020. The rapper had recently gotten back his masters and was pumping out mad content, including his shenanigans on his Quarantine Radio. Sadly for the rapper, he rang in the second half of the year on the fringes, as Megan Thee Stallion fingered him out as her shooter in an incident that took place on July 12, in LA.

Tory Lanez had been keeping a low profile both on social media and in real life since the incident. Apart from a few spottings at food and grocery outlets, Lanez became a fly on the wall observing all that was taking place. He marked his return to the public’s eye with an album, DAYSTAR, which saw him explaining his side of what happened, which included a denial of him being the shooter.

Since then, the Canadian rapper has been uploading fresh content to Youtube and has been letting off posts on social media. Lanez is also getting out more, after New York rapper Casanova spotted him “Outside” while at a club in New Jersey.

“Oh sh_t, oh sh_t. Oh, he outside,” mentioned Casanova while ensuring he got the camera angle just right to see the face under the cap. The pull-up clearly caught Lanez off guard however, he soon realizes it was Casanova, and immediately changed his facial expression to show off his golden smile. “What the f**k are you doin’ out here? What’s goin’ on?” Cas asked. Tory Lanez responded with a little shoulder shimmy before mouthing, “I don’t know,” all while sporting a grin on his face. Megan Thee Stallion was spotted out just weeks after being shot in both her feet, so it seems Tory is now getting his grove back.

As for the relationship between Casanova and Tory Lanez, they had previously linked up for “2 a.m.,” which also featured Nigerian Davido. They also chopped it up on Tory’s Quarantine Radio IG show during the initial months of the lockdown.

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