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Agent Sasco & Bounty Killer Taps Kabaka Pyramid For “Loco” Remix, Weezy Stars In Visual

Agent Sasco has finally delivered the “Loco” remix and music video.

The cut features heavyweights Bounty Killer and Kabaka Pyramid on the vocals, along with Sasco’s already stellar delivery from the original track. All three artiste hit on various social issues, with Sasco tackling abuse, rape, availability of high-powered weapons which aren’t made in Jamaica, and the wayward ways of the youths. Sasco then invites the Warlord, Bounty Killer, to come through with some much-needed advice for anyone looking to get ahead financially and live comfortably, especially during these rough times. “So make me tell uno supm if uno don’t know / stocks and bonds that is what I’m about now / cause money affi stock up inna account now,” deejay’s Bounty Killer, while issuing a warning to anyone looking to place a finger on his dividents. He also speaks of an upcoming album.

The lyrical maestro Kabaka Pyramid blesses the track with a completely different flow from the rest, deejaying about the power of marijuana about other things. He also injects a few lines about that just how he demolishes the track, which he actually does.

While the song is definitely a vibe, the true entertainment comes from the brilliant work of the young actors who all portray each of the artistes. Naturally, Agent Sasco’s son Joshua WEEZY Campbell gets to play his superhero dad, and he did an impressive job selling the role. Each step, rock, and look mimicking his dad’s, while still coming across as unique.

You can check out what big Sasco had to say about the awesome presentation before streaming the music video below.

“Joshua, my son. I know you’re naturally reserved and not the most eager to be on camera,” Agent Sasco wrote on IG. “I remember how you would be on stage for group performances at school, and would often be the only one to not sing or worse, do the dance moves. But I also know how brave you are, the first to volunteer to hold the snake at the zoo, then inviting me to do the same… Telling me it’s ok. The way you step up and challenge yourself especially outside of your comfort zone is admirable. I love you, I’m proud of you and oh yeah… YOU TOTALLY KILLED THIS VIDEO PERFORMANCE! @weezyjoshua #LocoRemix.”