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Jeannie Mai Tried Surprise Jeezy On His Birthday But He Surprised Her With Her Own Billboard

Jeannie Mai and Jeezy are forever couples goals.

One of the best ways to tell the strength of a relationship is by observing just how supportive each partner is. Who would have thought that Jeannie Mai, a goofy talk show host, and Jeezy, a gritty rapper, could make it work? Clearly, they are writing their own rules and, most importantly, are holding each other down with each passing day, no matter the circumstance.

The rapper/philanthropist rang in his 43rd birthday a little different than some would have expected when he was the one offering up gifts. “I know it’s my G Day, but that ain’t gone stop me from showing love on your Big Day. Kill it tonight!” Jeezy wrote in the caption of a video on Instagram highlighting a billboard advertisement that he purchased to ask persons to vote for his fiance’ Jeannie Mai on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.

“Today’s my born day, my G-day. Gonna have a great time celebrating today. I know you got something planned special for me because I know that’s how you are. However, I knew it was a big day for you today too. So I got a little something for you,” he said in the video moments before asking The Real co-host to drop him a special autograph a bit later. “Can you sign it for me … later?” he jokingly asked.

Jeannie Mai left a comment on the post saying, “Stop!!!! Is this real? JAY. Im literally in rehearsals now crying. Baby I can’t do this without your support. Thank you a million times over. Tonight is for you, Birthday King!!!”

Just an hour before Jeezy’s post made it to social media, Jeannie had shared a sweet compilation video of the usually serious rapper showing off his best dance moves.

“Ooooh I get to celebrate these dance moves for the rest of my life Happiest Birthday King. Let’s make every day feel like your born day. Psst don’t kill me, I can’t keep this magic to myself,” she dropped beside the hilarious yet thoughtful video. However, that was just part one of Jeannie’s gift, with the second coming in the form of a beautiful tribute performance on DWTS.

Week three saw the contestants taking on Disney themes routines. The “Married Life” tune from the movie Up was specially selected due to how symbolic it is to Jeezy and Mai.

“My entire life took a turn when I met my fiancé, J. We went on our first date Nov. 28, 2018, and we got engaged a few months ago,” she recalled. “He adds to my dreams,” said Mai. “He colors them in.”

“I played Up for him while we were dating. This movie is how I would like for us to grow old together. The night that he’s watching this dance is going to be his birthday, so I can’t wait to just have this as a sweet surprise,” she confessed.

The talk show host and her dancer partner Brandon Armstrong received inspiring praises from the judges for their creative take on the waltz, and during her final speech, she highlighted just what the song and performance really meant to her. “I specifically chose this dance because J is the love of my life and honestly when we met, I pictured the beginning of this. Because when you watch it, if you don’t have somebody, you think about that somebody. And the minute I met J, I couldn’t wait to grow old with him, happily ever after. So this is for you, baby.”

Even though a wedding date has not been shared with the public, fans of both Mai and Jeezy can’t wait for them to tie the knot.