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Gucci Teams Up with Tyler, The Creator, A$AP Rocky & Iggy Pop For New Ad

Tyler, The Creator, A$AP Rocky and Iggy Pop stars in the new Gucci ad.

There are certain artists whose passion for creativity makes them perfect for a wide variety of endeavors, whether it be in music, fashion, or film. Singling out a few of these rare individuals for their new ad, Gucci teamed up with director Harmony Korine to create a playful promotion for their latest Tailoring campaign. Tyler, The Creator, and A$AP Rocky have a well-publicized friendship that many fans find endearing. The two have collaborated musically several times, but they also enjoy just hanging out and roasting each other lightheartedly on social media. Now the pair can be seen lounging alongside another icon: the legendary Iggy Pop.

Iggy welcomes the two rappers into his home at the start of the campaign film, greeting them at the door alongside his pet parrot, Biggy Pop. All three men are extraordinarily styled in the video as they enjoy themselves around Iggy’s home, dancing, eating spaghetti, and being exuberantly carefree. Having been a style icon himself throughout his career, Iggy fits right in with Tyler and A$AP despite their nearly fifty-year age difference.

Giving a statement about the new film, Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele said, “A certain type of fun is also portrayed, and the idea of how one’s obsession with appearances can create a kind of common ground that can become a sort of brotherhood. It was beautiful to see these three men together, seemingly different but very similar.” The video has already caused a huge stir online, prompting many different kinds of people to gush over how badly they would have liked to attend the exclusive spaghetti gathering. There will likely be more to come from the partnership between Korine and Gucci now that the director has been named director of the Tailoring campaign.