Chronic Law and Chilando Team Up On “Nuh Count Favors” Drops Lyric Video

Chronic Law has recently teamed up with Montego Bay-based deejay Chilando for their new song “Nuh Count Favors.”

The track is filled with positive energies all over, as Chilando handles the simple yet effortless chorus highlighting just what true friendship should be like. He sings about not keeping a list of the things he has done for people, which is the opposite of what a fake associate would do. The “Life Too Short” singer also ignites a fire under opportunists and backstabbers who spread rumors for no apparent reason.

Chronic Law indirectly offers up a suggestion to Chilando, which is to keep his friendship list as short as his temper. He also keeps his shortcomings to himself, and therefore, you will never see the Lawboss venturing to his neighbors’ premises when he is low on basic cooking ingredients such as salt. With heavily relatable lyrics and a melodies flow, both Chilando and Chronic Law serve up something that’s easily digestible by the masses. The song is paired with an easy-to-follow lyric video, which shows both artists delivering their pieces in a smoke-filled studio.

You can check out the brand new release below.