Shenseea Shows Christian Milian How To Roast Breadfruit After Getting Roasted For Viral Video

Shenseea shared with Christina Milian how to roast breadfruit after this video went viral over the weekend.

Christina Milian has been getting roasted on social media all weekend for posting a video of herself eating breadfruit for the first time. Not only did she not boil or roast the fruit first before consuming, but she also called is “sweet bread.” For our non-Caribbean readers, breadfruit is a tropical fruit found mostly in the Caribbean and Africa. In Jamaica, we usually roast the fruit on an open flame or boil in before consuming. Some folks also bake it in the open or fry it to make breadfruit chips, but no, we never just cut it open and eat it raw as Christina did in the below video.

“Now I am going to try this, I’ve never tried it before I call it sweet bread,” she said in the clip that went viral. Milian then proceeded to cut the fruit in two and later admitted that she was calling it the wrong name. She described the taste as tropical as she ate a slice of it.

Chi Ching Ching would be very disappointed with Christina Milian, but Shenseea proceeded to fill her in on how it’s done by posting a video of a breadfruit she has on the stove roasting. This is a go-to meal for Jamaicans on a Sunday morning with ackee and saltfish or perhaps some brown stew chicken.

Christina Milian has been getting trolled by Jamaicans, who were astonished by her video. “OMG so you tell me she has no Caribbean friends that could tell her not to eat it like that her poor belly right now,” one female wrote. Another person added, “I have never eaten breadfruit like that before damn am missing out on something? I love you boo but please asked questions before you ruin your poor belly eating raw breadfruit.”

The actress has since responded to the trolling. “I am now aware you’re supposed to COOK breadfruit!” she wrote on her IG Story. “Obviously I’ve never seen or tried one in my life, but next time. I will boil it! Maybe fry it! Most important, east it!”