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Teejay Reflects On His Journey In “From Rags to Riches” Visual

Teejay drops some motivation in “From Rags to Riches” video.

Mobay deejay Teejay says he is stress free as long he got life. The Xtreme Arts-directed cut saw the dancehall star suiting up and living his best life in his mansion, while another side saw him walking through his old neighborhood as he reflects on where he is from. The track was released back in February just before the Coronavirus pandemic hit, but that that stopped the Romeich Entertainment singjay from shooting the video.

“Dem nuh wan’ see w’inna nuh Gucci/Nuh wan’ wi live di life like w’inna nuh movie/She tell yuh she nuh rate mi, seh dat ah fool mi/Ah yesterday she come gi’ di singer di pu**y, alright/Seh mi cyan dweet yute mi ah prove it/Mi never fight ah war inna life and lose it,” Teejay rhymes.

Teejay is currently enjoying some success for his new collaboration with Ishawna, “Mood.” The raunchy lyrics and eye popping video for the track got a lot of folks talking. There are even some dating rumors circulating, but so far neither of the two dancehall stars have confirmed or denied those rumors.