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Azealia Banks Blast Kanye West Told Him To Apologize To Kim Kardashian & North West

Azealia Banks is far from impressed with Kanye West recent antics on social media and is calling for him to apologize to his wife Kim Kardashian and his daughter North West.

The outspoken artist must have had an inkling that the world would be pushed into the midst of a pandemic one day (or perhaps she just thought the zombie apocalypse would take place) as she designed a survival kit back in the day. The “Yeezy Modular Survival Kit,” which she designed, includes an electric generator, a hot plate, a convection oven, a small cloth washer, and a mini-fridge. She posted the design on Instagram in November 2018, saying that she was doing so in case Kanye West decided to steal her idea as he had apparently ghosted her after claiming that Kim Kardashian was jealous of him talking to her.

Now that Ye has made an appeal for artists to own their own masters, Azealia has seen an opening to demand that the “Wash Us in the Blood” rapper reimburse her for what he supposedly owes her. “Now pay me for the yeezy modular kit I designed and the months of consultation that went with it,” she began her Twitter rant. “Pay me for my work on skims, and pay matthew pasterisa for the stolen choreography for the fade video.”

Azealia also felt that Kanye’s own family deserved an apology after his recent behaviour during a bipolar episode in which he revealed during a presidential campaign rally that he and Kim Kardashian had considered aborting their daughter North, and subsequently accused his wife of cheating on him with Meek Mill.

“Apologize for calling that black girl at your rally sistah souljah, apologize for calling your wife a whore, apologize for terrorizing north west with that abortion meltdown, apologize for sexually harrasing taylor swift, congratulate teyana taylor on her new baby,” wrote the “Black Madonna” rapper.

Azealia Banks also threw Kanye West pal Elon Musk into the mix by suggesting that the Tesla billionaire is aware that Ye is an idiot.