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Loon And Diddy Dead Their Beef, Reunite For First Time Since Leaving Prison


Loon and Diddy ended their rumored beef and reunited for the first time since the former Bad Boy rapper left prison.

Earlier this year, Loon was granted an early release from the 14 years sentence he was handed back in 2013 for his attempts to transport heroin while on a trip to Brussels in 2011. While he received support from members of the industry during the tough time, some felt that Diddy, with whom the rapper was previously signed, did not offer up enough support as he should have. However, that did not stop the music mogul from jumping into the comment section of a post from The Shade Room post announcing his return. The comment, which was directed to Loon but visible to the public, simply instructed, “Get at me king.”

While the way Diddy chose to deliver the message is still truly questionably to some, it seems it was pretty effective in getting things organized in order to bury any rumors of tension between the two. Loon recently took to social media to share some shots of himself and the business mogul embracing each other, signaling that the boys have worked their stuff out.

“Everything is not what it seems,” he said in the caption before speaking on the history between himself and Diddy. “After all that we’ve been through the love cannot be denied. We’ve traveled the world together, made millions together and at times we may not have always agreed, but by Allah, if I hadn’t experienced the things that we went through, I wouldn’t have become the man that I am today!”

Loon, who is best known for his features on “I Need a Girl (Part One and Two,” ended his music career in 2008 after joining Islam. He converted his name from Chauncey Lamont Hawkins to Amir Junaid Muhadith, following a trip to the Islam sacred site of Mecca, located in Saudi Arabia. He resided in Egypt until his arrest and extradition for his 2011 crimes.

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