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Former Bad Boy Rapper Loon Released From Prison After Almost A Decade

Former Bad Boy rapper Loon is now a free man following his release from prison.

Loon, the rapper formerly signed to Bad Boy Records, has been released from Florida’s Federal Correctional Institution after 8 years behind bars on drug charges. Originally named Chauncey Hawkins, Loon was granted compassionate release after filing the motion back in June. According to the information presented on his behalf, Loon, who converted to Islam and changed his name to Amir Junaid Muhadith in 2008, suffers from several respiratory illnesses, including latent tuberculosis as well as bouts of acute laryngopharyngitis, bronchitis, and bronchopneumonia.

Muhadith joins the many prisoners currently requesting early release on he grounds that their health may be seriously jeopardized by the spread of COVID-19.

Loon’s original intended release date was August 2021, but the court officially granted his request for early release on July 26th. According to the New York Post, several of Loon’s supporters have submitted requests for his release and vouched for the quality of his character including Faith Evans, Outlawz member Napoleon, Benzino, Snoop Dogg, and Mary J. Blige. Producer Weldon Angelos also contributed a 34-page plea for Loon’s release to help his case.

The decision to grant release was ultimately based on the judgement that Loon would not be a danger to others, with the ruling explaining, “He has spent a significant amount of time in custody and has demonstrated an ability to comport with the rules. If released, he will reside with family and will be required to complete a term of supervised release during which his conduct will be monitored by Probation.”

Loon was arrested in May of 2012 on drug charges and eventually pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute 1 kilogram or more of heroin. Muhadith has not yet given a statement since his release, and it is unclear at this time if he intends to return to making music. His friends and supporters have been sharing the exciting news on social media since his release.