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Kanye West Urinates On Grammy And Blast Record Labels, “Black Masters Matter”

Kanye West urinates on his Grammy award and continues his rant against record labels.

Kanye West has followed up Tuesday’s Twitter rant by going all in on the exploitative structure of the music industry from award shows to the record labels he previously referred to as “modern day slave ships.” In a truly striking gesture, the 21-time Grammy winner was seen urinating on one of his Grammy trophies, claiming the accolades are meaningless if he does not own his masters or the copyrights to his work. Suggesting he can’t be stopped, muted, or canceled in his bid to lead his people to better, like Moses did, West invoked the help of Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and even his nemesis, Taylor Swift.

“We’ve gotten comfortable with not having what we deserve, they allow us to have a little money from touring, get some gold chains, some alcohol, some girls and fake numbers that feed our egos, but we don’t own our masters,” Yeezy tweeted. He added that like Prince and Michael Jackson, his motive was enterprise and equality, and he urged fans to pray for him on his journey to liberate others. Citing the NBA and music industry, he says white owned companies capitalize off African Americans who are largely excluded from ownership conversations and bound by unfair contracts.

Yeezy also tweeted screenshots of the over ten contracts he’s signed with Universal, which he says is keeping him from the multibillions he’s made as an artist. He’s been trying to buy his masters as well as get out his contracts with Universal, claiming they wanted to bury him alive. He’s sworn to withhold new music until then and let on that his wife, Kim Kardashian West, would be representing him for what will no doubt be a lengthy battle.

This isn’t Ye’s first time taking on the music academy, and a few years ago, he said in a post wards show interview with E!, “The Grammys can suck my d***, if they want real artists to keep coming back, they need to stop playing with us. We aren’t going to play with them no more.” Vowing to do everything in his legal power and adding that he’s “petty and very personal,” Kanye seems bent on winning over fans and trolls alike for his “Black Masters Matter” campaign.