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Cardi B Gave “WAP” Face Mask PSA From Kerry Washington Her Cosign

Cardi B is all for people wearing masks during the coronavirus pandemic.

Perhaps Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” can serve another great cause other than female empowerment. For the past six months, global citizens have been battling against the novel virus that has infected 27 million people and killed more than 881,000 worldwide. Governments and medical experts have recommended certain precautions to keep people safe such as hand-washing, sanitization of surfaces, and keeping a 6ft distance from other people, but perhaps the most common of measures to curb the spread is wearing a face mask.

Despite the studies which state that wearing a three-layered covering over your nose and mouth is preventative to passing internal fluid droplets onto others, not everyone is keen to cover up with many an incident making its way onto social media. Hence, it is no surprise that campaigns have been created to encourage mask-wearing, and it seems that Cardi’s latest track is the inspiration.

Cardi B/IG

The no. 1 hit starring Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion has been heralded as an anthem for female empowerment, and now it is flying the flag for health as well. Some creative individuals used images of the ladies from their “WAP” music video and photoshopped blue medical masks over their mouths. Between them was the song title, which the graphic expounded as standing for “Wear A mask Please”. Scandal actress, Kerry Washington, shared the image on Twitter with the caption, “WAP until further notice…” and it appears that Cardi B is in support as she retweeted the post with a few laughing emojis.

The Grammy Award winner accidentally created a jam when the virus first spread by posting a video on IG that featured her saying, “Coronavirus. S*** is getting real.” That was enough for DJ iMarkKeyz, who remixed the words into a hit.