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Multiple Kendrick Lamar Songs Leaked This Weekend Sending Fans Into A Frenzy

Kendrick Lamar music was leaking all over this weekend sending his fans into a frenzy.

Over the years, Kendrick Lamar has shown that he possesses the ability to craft some of the most compelling verses in hip hop. Sadly, multiplying that fun fact by his elusive social media tendencies have undoubtedly left some fans craving for more content and attention than it seems the rapper is able to offload. The “King Kunta” rapper’s 2017 Pulitzer Prize-winning album DAMN. picked up a triple-platinum certification from the RIAA.

Meanwhile, Kendrick Lamar’s executive produced and performed tracks on the soundtrack for the 2018 Action/Adventure film Black Panther. He was awarded 2 Grammy Awards and an Oscar for the work done on the movie, which starred recently deceased actor, Chadwick Boseman. Still, fans are hungry for more and it seems The Top Dawg Entertainment’s main act is finally whetting the appetite of his fans with unreleased songs and footage from what seems to be a video shoot.

Of course, scenes from the music video were not shared by Lamar, who has a grand total of 3 posts on his Instagram profile, none relating to his music. Instead, images of the rapper perched at a payphone in his city of Los Angeles popped up online. Another piece of evidence that shows Kendrick has something special on the horizon came from video footage of the rapper dangling over the Pacific Ocean while on the set of the video shoot.

New music, which was released on Saturday, September 5, has officially confirmed that Kendrick Lamar has been cooking. The leaked tracks have most likely settled a few jittery nerves. However, they have has also increased a sense of anxiety in fan awaiting another full-bodied project. While that arrival is still a mystery, we have 3 pieces of audio to play with until that time comes. “Guilty Conscience” [ode to Eminem and Dr. Dre’s 1999 single of the same name], “Somebody,” and “Prayer” round out the releases. While the first two tracks mentioned are seemingly begging for completion, “Prayer” feels very much finished. The artistic and introspective outlook on this song has Lamar rapping some of the deepest lines fans gotten from him in a while.

“The price of being iconic was demonic and screwed/I stood onstage and had to watch my father on the news/Stress on the head of my spirit, I was lost and confused/I knew both sides of the story, but still I couldn’t choose/See, it was more than humiliation and being sued,” he rapped.

While at least one track feels as if it could make it to the upcoming album, there is still an eerie feeling based on inside knowledge just how savage and ruthless album cuts can be.