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Tekashi 6ix9ine Shamelessly Likens Himself To Tupac Shakur, Invoke Rap Charges

Tekashi 6ix9ine compared himself to Tupac Shakur in a recent interview where he brought up his past rape charges.

Remember that sexual misconduct charge that Tekashi 6ix9ine was hit with in 2015? Well, he is using it to liken himself to the late rap icon Tupac Shakur. During a new interview with the New York Times, the 24-year-old rapper was asked about the sex crime he committed years ago and you would not believe his daring response.

“Tupac Shakur was convicted of rape,” Tekashi 6ix9ine told the interviewer. “Is Tupac Shakur loved or hated? Loved! What’s the difference between me and Tupac Shakur? I never caught a rape charge — ever.” Tekashi continued to draw “similarities” between him and Pac when he was asked if he thought his art was contributing to the world. “Of course,” he responded while playing the late rapper’s song, “Troublesome ’96.” “This is one of his biggest songs.”

“What’s the difference between that and ‘Billy’?” 6ix9ine continued. “‘A born leader, never leave the crib without my heater!’ You’re telling me he gave back through his art? You’re lying to me. I got to feed what, in 2020, is relevant. I got to feed the masses. There’s no difference between me and Tupac Shakur.”

6ix9ine has been alive for about as long as Tupac Shakur has been dead, so he ought to show a bit more reverence, not just for the seniority either but Pac’s legendary icon status. Tekashi’s comments are a bit of a stretch, but so are a lot of his decisions, especially lately, with him touring the streets and taunting city goons. He explained in the interview with the New York Times that he’s become accustomed to his new safety precautions, and he doesn’t go out of his way to seek trouble.

“At this point, it’s a lifestyle. I worry about it, but I’m not scared of it,” he said about being out in public with a dozen security guards. “The streets is a myth. Right now, if I left this interview and took the train by myself to Bed-Stuy, I wouldn’t come back. If you took a trip to an island full of cannibals, are you coming back? But you don’t put yourself in stupid situations.”

Hopefully, Tekashi 6ix9ine stays alive long enough to learn the difference between him and Tupac.