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Lil Durk Insists He Turned Down $3 Million From Tekashi 6ix9ine, Fans Calls Cap

Lil Durk is insisting that he wasn’t capping when he said he turned down $3 million from Tekashi 6ix9ine for a fake beef.

Lil Durk and Tekashi 6ix9ine have been going back and forth with personal jabs and scandalous claims about each other for a while now, the latest incident culminating in each rapper claiming the other had offered them money to help promote their projects. As the artists’ shared album release date approached, Lil Durk was the first to publicly claim that Tekashi’s team had reached out to offer him a whopping $3 million to simply continue trolling 6ix9ine online, presumably in an effort to boost album sales in response to the feud. 6ix9ine quickly responded to the story, saying that he was the one who was offered money to help promote Durk’s album and suggesting that the Chicago rapper’s music didn’t stand a chance without a Drake feature.

Now Durk is reminding everyone of his decision to turn down such a large check, taking to Twitter to proudly proclaim, “The tranches > 3million.” A second tweet reads, “If anybody I love a rat idc who you is you cut and f**k you.”

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The tension between the two rappers has been building since early last month when Durk felt that Tekashi was disrespecting Chi-Town when he made trolling comments about the city’s notoriously high rate of violent crime. In response to Durk’s comment on the post which referred to the rainbow-haired rapper as “the feds”, 6ix9ine doubled down on his tasteless form of self-marketing, claiming to mourn Durk’s murdered cousin in a video many felt was disingenuous.

Durk’s next move was to announce that he would be dropping his upcoming album, The Voice, on September 4th, the same day as 6ix9ine’s sophomore project, Tattle Tales. After dishing the details about his alleged $3 million offer, Durk announced he would no longer be entertaining Tekashi’s petty internet antics. However, it looks like he isn’t ready to let fans forget what he walked away from in order to take the high road.