Romain Virgo Shares Sweet Visual With His Wife & Kids In “Hero” Video

Romain Virgo is father of the year in “Hero” video.

It’s not officially Father’s Day as but reggae superstar Romain Virgo is showing, speaking, and living out exactly what it means to be a good dad in his new song “Hero.” The song is a special one for the man who is currently fathering twins with his lovely wife, Elizabeth. The sex of the twins was previously withheld, however, we are now seeing that the “Soul Provider” singer was blessed with two bouncy baby boys.

Therefore it made complete sense for the video to open up with a very real and personal scene of Virgo in the delivery room, dressed in his scrubs and other sanitary surgical gear as he captures the birth of his little ones. The music video is beautiful in all aspects, from scenery to wardrobe choices for the Virgo family. While everything is beautiful, Romain Virgo knows that he has a huge task as a father, as he works to maintain said perfection. He sings, “Me have a different hunger from my youth dem born.”

He digs into the verse that should prove inspirational for all father figures. “Hustle tun up, Muscle tun up, Out de now nah depend pon luck/ Rain a fall a dutty tough affi work hard is a muss, cause me nah go home without dem dinner, something’s got to give,” he sings on the ZJ Chrome produced track.

You can check out all that makes Romain Virgo a hero by watching the music video below.