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Big Sean Drops “Harder Than My Demons” Produced By DJ Khaled

Big Sean dropped his new song “Harder Than My Demons” ahead of his album release.

Detroit rapper Big Sean released another track off his upcoming album Detroit 2. The new joint titled “Harder Than My Demons” was produced by DJ Khaled, and Mike WILL Made It and featured a Justin Bieber cameo in the outro. Sean also unveiled new visuals with the album single, and it is quickly gaining traction. Its powerful images were centered around the sustainability of black life for generations.

“No more breaks, dawg, it’s time to break hearts (Break hearts) / I don’t take disrespect, I take charge (Woah) / I’m in the mirror lookin’ at a work of art (Like, God) / Hard work don’t mean sh*t if it ain’t smart,” Sean raps. In the music video, the rapper starts out in a mirror with a solar eclipse sky backdrop. As the video transcends into his realm of thought, he spills some deep spiritual nuggets on the track.

“I’m the idols I looked up to in my past / All natural, Doctor Sebi, you gon’ have to CBD me / I been watchin’ what they feed m? (Woah, woah) / I like when she t?ll me with her body language that she need me (Yeah) / See my third eye is on left eye, I can’t let them Eazy-E me,” Big Sean lays on the woke track.

The rapper also took to Twitter to spill more thoughts writing, “Being black in this country, Im looking for motivation right now, in life and music! It’s been too much trauma n tragedy lately. I’m a do my part, do what I can, I just pray y’all hear me out!” Sean previously released another song from the upcoming project “Deep Reverence,” which features the late Nipsey Hussle.

The album is the second installment in a sequel that started with the rapper’s 2012 project Detroit. Big Sean told New York Magazine that making Detroit 2 was like “returning to my roots,” adding that in production, he was reminded of the Detroit mixtape while making it. “I think people will be able to relate to [the album] wherever they’re from,” he told the publication.

“After this album, I don’t think that I’m going to be done again for a long time. I’m inspired to keep going,” he added. Detroit 2 is slated to be released on Friday. Check out Big Sean’s new song “Harder Than My Demons” from the impending project here.