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NBA YoungBoy Blast Baby Mama, Asks For DNA Test After Sleeping With His Brother

NBA YoungBoy continues to rant against his baby mama on Instagram and is now suggesting he needs a DNA test.

NBA Youngboy took a break from social media a couple of months ago, and resurfaced nearly a month after with new music and a new queen and seemingly doing better all around. Even his current girlfriend, Jazlyn Mychelle, boasted that her boo was doing great. The rapper has also readied a brand new album, which is already dominating charts through presales, even with a release date scheduled nearly two weeks into next month.

Youngboy is considered by many to be one of the more emotional rap players of this era. The 20-year-old has never too shy about letting his feelings run free, and just a few days ago, he made it known that he was actually not doing okay as per the initial assumptions.

“Just thought I let you know I still been suffering I ain’t been getting no better,” belted out a truly sad tweet from the rapper. The thread below the tweet was quickly flooded with over 1000 replies, many asking what was the cause of his dilemma; others proceeded to offer the young man some much-needed advice.

Mere hours after that worrying tweet, came another important social media post, which the rapper pulled it from his IG Story shortly after. In that update, he seemingly voiced the main reason for his distress, which is either one of his baby mamas or his actual mom.

“Do we need another DNA test? asked the rapper on his IG Story. “You been getting over on me since I was a child. You don’t know what loyalty is, you one of the biggest ho_s I know, you aint never had me,” continued his rant.

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Much of NBA Youngboy’s woes have been at the hand of the girls he has been with. Just a few days ago, he seemingly admitted that his second baby mama Trinia, better known as Nia, also slept with one of his brothers. In the eyes of some fans, she is once again the subject of this post, merely by the mention of another DNA test. The rapper requested a DNA test after Nia gave birth, which proved that Tay Tay was indeed one of the many fruits from his loins.

Other fans have speculated that the post is actually about another ex, Starr Thigpen. This theory definitely has some base to it since it was revealed that Starr’s son Kamron (also known as Baby K), was actually not NBA Youngboy’s kid. In 2018 he discovered the startling discover but also revealed that he would still play the role of the child’s father.

“Wanna Be First To Tell Yall I Officially Found Out Baby K Isnt My Child, But The Man I Am Im Going To Keep Raising Him Like He’s Mine I Cant Lie It Hurt To Find Out The Truth But Life Goes On,” he said.

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As for assumptions that the rapper’s recent post is about this mom, those too are plausible, after it was revealed that the rapper kicked his mom out of his house in 2019. Nonetheless, the two seemed to have patched up their relationship, but there is always a possibility of things going awry.

Only NBA Youngboy can confirm who the post is about, but you can still go ahead and let us know who you believe he is referring to.