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Reginae Carter Can’t Handle Lil Wayne And His Boo Denise Bidot Steamy PDA

Reginae Carter can’t handle her dad Lil Wayne and his boo Denise Bidot showing too much PDA on the Gram.

We live in a day and age where people put their personal lives on display for the world to see, and in some cases, that means more than some actually want to see. Like one’s children. Lil Wayne is currently experiencing the butterflies that come with new love as he and his girlfriend have demonstrated to all on the ‘gram. Many of his recent posts have featured Denise Bidot, whom he has been seeing for the last couple of months, while she has done the same. Pics of the pair are usually accompanied by captions expressing their affection for one another — all of which appear to be getting too much for the “How To Love” rapper’s daughter, who follows him on social media.

Reginae Carter is Lil Wayne’s daughter with ex-wife Toya Jackson and the eldest of his four kids. Earlier this month, she made it known that she was seeing everything her father put on the ‘gram with a comment on one of his posts. Weezy had uploaded a snap of photo of Denise pursing her lips in the car with the caption, “Like the one I got!” She commented, “I fkn love you, and Reginae left a comment of her own which read, “I don’t even know you be on the gram my guy.” If she was missing her dad’s social activities in the past, she is now well aware as the official IG account for the Young Money label posted a pic of their founder and his boo sharing a kiss — something which Reginae would have preferred not to see, based on her remark. “Get a room please,” she wrote.

While it is totally possible that the 21-year-old was just teasing her dad and his girlfriend, no one really wants to see their parent making out, do they?