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Naomi Osaka Shout-Out Her Boyfriend Cordae On His Birthday, “I Love You”

Tennis star Naomi Osaka is wishing her rapper boyfriend Cordae a happy birthday on Instagram.

Former YBN rapper, Cordae, is celebrating his birthday today, but he is spending it away from his girlfriend Naomi Osaka. The North Carolina native and Japanese tennis star have been dating for a while and have been successfully keeping their relationship lowkey.

Naomi Osaka shared a picture of her and Cordae together on Instagram with a warm-hearted message attached in the caption. “I always feel so lucky to be in your life and to be continuously learning from you,” she wrote about Cordae. “I‘m so grateful that I can talk to you about anything and ask for advice (cause you know I need all the help I can get lol). I love that you lay down and wait for me to go to sleep before you go record. Etc because the list goes on forever… I hope you’re having the best birthday, I’m sad I can’t be there but I’ll make it up to you. Happy 23rd, I love you @cordae.”

Osaka is participating in the Western & Southern Open in New York, where she just made it into her first semifinal. Her relationship with Cordae has been one of the most private among the stars of the younger generation. Together, they both have the potential to become one of the most elite power couples in the industry, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Naomi was named the highest-paid woman in sports last year and was ranked #1 in the world by the Women’s Tennis Association. The 22-year-old earned $37.4 million in endorsement deals and prize money in 2019, which is the most that any woman in sports has ever earned in a single year.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend Cordae, who is 23 years old today, is gaining traction in the industry for his thought-provoking music and impressive songwriting abilities. The rapper burst on the scene in 2018 as part of the since-disbanded hip-hop group Young Boss N***as with their one and only collaborative project YBN: The Mixtape. He went on to release his critically acclaimed debut album The Lost Boy and earned multiple Grammy Award nominations, including one for Best Rap Album in 2019.

Cordae shared a birthday post of his own to Instagram as well. In the photo, the rapper is sitting on the hood of a vintage Mercedes-Benz with his arms clasped around a Louis Vuitton briefcase. “Another year around the Sun. Glory be to God. I’m so grateful for this blessed life I live and all who are apart of it. I really do what I love for a living and I’ll never take it for granted. History in the Making….” he wrote in the caption.

“Oh and ima drop a song tomorrow. My gift to y’all #Gifted,” Cordae added. It’s supposed to be his birthday but I guess it’s fans who will be treated. Look out for Cordae’s new single slated to be released on Thursday at midnight.