Madonna & Her Boo Living Best Lives In Jamaica Smoking Weed & Twerking To Spice Hit

Madonna and her much younger boo, Ahlamalik Williams, are living their best lives in Jamaica as she light up a spliff and twerk to Spice dancehall hit, “So Mi Like It.”

The Queen of Pop is celebrating her birthday this week, and she flew all the way to the Caribbean to make it worthwhile. Madonna has been sharing snapshots from her Jamaica birthday getaway on Instagram, and it includes photos of her younger boyfriend and back-up dancer Ahlamalik Williams.

“Welcome to Jamaica…” Madonna wrote, alongside a slideshow of photos. The legendary singer posed with a tray of marijuana and rolling papers while a blunt hung from her barely parted lips. She also shared other pictures showed off her bedazzled neck and hands along with her healthy figure in a teal floral dress. There were also images of the rest of the group that the singer celebrated with and one affectionate photo of her giving Ahlamalik dreamy eyes as she hugged him and her youthful face pressed against his chest.

This year the Queen of Pop celebrates her 62nd birthday, and she really has accomplished an awful lot during that time. Over the course of her illustrious career, Madonna has taken home 7 Grammy Awards, earned a dozen No. 1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, and still currently holds the record for most top 10 hits on the chart as a lead artist. While that barely scratches the surface of her achievements, these are some of the accolades that make her career work still relevant today.

Madonna seems to be having the time of her life in Jamaica and though many have allowed the pandemic to virtually put their lives on pause for the remaining months of the year, some people are all about the YOLO lifestyle, especially in 2020. The music icon later shared another clip of herself dancing to some dancehall hits including Spice classic, “So Mi Like It.”

Happy belated birthday, Madonna!