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Offset Fan Out Over Cardi B’s “WAP” Video, “So Proud Of My Wife”

Cardi B’s biggest cheerleader is Offset.

Cardi B is, without a doubt, the true definition of moving from the underground to the mainstream at warp speed. Like most success stories, the change did not happen overnight as she had to truly put her pedals to the metal in order to crawl her way to the top of the game. She transitioned from shaking her tailfeather a few nights a week at a strip club, to starring on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: New York. However, Cardi had bigger plans and quickly leveled up into a rap career when she dropped her Gangsta B**ch Music, Vol. 1 Mixtape in 2016.

Cardi B followed up with Gangsta B**ch Music, Vol. 2 in 2017, before dropping her Grammy Winning debut studio album in 2018. There has been much talk surrounding her upcoming sophomore album, which has sadly been plagued by label bureaucracies and red tapes. While the album is still nowhere to be found, Cardi teamed up with another hip hop baddie, Megan Thee Stallion, to deliver a truly filthy-mouth cut titled “Wap.”

Wap” comes with an R+ rating and a music video that may as well be classified as “S” if there is such a category. However, it’s not all about lude behavior as the Bronx rapper and her team showcase their advanced inventiveness and artistry in their detailed music video scenes and wardrobe choices. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper took to Instagram to share her favorite outfit from the clip, which is a leopard print bodysuit with a truly raunchy take on the covering of her bosom. The shot attracted many wagging tongues as well as praises for her successful release. According to a post on Cardi’s Instagram Story, “Wap” as since secured the top spot on various charts include Apple Music [All Genres], iTunes [All Genres], Youtube, and was the number 1 and 2 topics on Twitter’s trending list.

With such an impressive return to the rap game, her husband took some time to act like a true Cardi stan when he reposted the leopard print suit before leaving her a sweet and supportive comment. “So proud of my wife. She works so hard, and her creativity and mind is out this world. LUCKIEST ni**a ever,” Offset proclaimed before promoting the new single.

Cardi has been in a celebratory mood since the drop, and we are sure Offset is planning his own special way to turn up with his queen.