Bunny Wailer Not Dead, Reggae Legend Recovering In Hospital

Bunny Wailer
Bunny Wailer

Bunny Wailer is alive and well, according to his manager.

The reggae community was saddened when rumors started circulating on social media that Bunny Wailer had passed away. Fortunately, his manager Maxine Stowe confirmed to the press that he is, in fact, still here and is currently recovering in a hospital from a stroke he suffered over two weeks ago. The reggae singer is reportedly in stable condition and should be transitioning to physical therapy next.

“Bunny is still with us,” Stowe reportedly told Loop. “He had a stroke two Mondays ago, but he stabilized over a week ago, and this morning I was making preparations for his transition to a rehab facility. He’s passed the worst effects of the stroke, and is now moving towards physical therapy,” she added.

Stowe implied that fans may have gotten their ideas out of grave concern for the former Bob Marley and The Wailers star who mysteriously lost the love of his life a couple of months ago in May. According to his manager, Bunny Wailer is doing well all things considered.

“We appreciate that there is concern that the dealing with the ambiguous loss of partner Jean Watt, who has been missing since May, may have been overwhelming… Some feel it is too much, but he is withstanding it, his faith in Rastafari is what he is standing on at this time. He is fighting the good fight,” Stowe revealed.

Though Wailer is expected to be discharged from the hospital this week and start his physical therapy at a rehabilitation facility, his manager is asking for prayers for his recovery. This is the second time in two years that the reggae icon has had a stroke and according to Stowe, the most recent one has affected his left side.

Stowe believes Bunny Wailer will make a full recovery as she prepares to check him into a rehabilitation facility for a month. She shed some light on his prior health scare, where he recovered speedily, hoping that history will repeat itself. “After the first one in 2018, we moved quickly and with neuroplasticity, we saw great results and how much the brain can heal itself, given the chance,” she said about the first stroke Bunny Wailer had and the treatment that followed.

Bunny Wailer is an important part of reggae history as he is one of the founding members of the globally famous band The Wailers along with the legendary Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. He is currently the only surviving co-founding member of the group at 73 years old.