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Desiigner Joins Doja Cat In Calling Coronavirus “Fake”

Desiigner doesn’t care about COVID-19, at least not now.

It often feels like life has been placed on pause or that we’re living in some surreal existence since March when the coronavirus pandemic took hold. Since then, more than 18.2 million global citizens have been infected with COVID-19, with 692,000 succumbing to the illness. In the United States, where Desiigner is based, 4.8 million residents have reported infections. Despite the devastating numbers, the “Panda” rapper believes that the novel virus doesn’t actually exist.

In a video on Instagram, Desiigner confidently claims that he has been outside many times and has yet to contract the disease, which targets the body’s respiratory system and, in severe cases, caused the patient to have to be placed on a ventilator due to the inability to breathe. The ease at which COVID-19 can be transmitted has resulted in countries making masks compulsory and encouraging citizens to stay 6 feet apart from each other; some nations have also enforced lockdown regulations to prohibit people from going out and spreading the disease. For whatever reason, Desiigner has advised his fans to remain chill and not get too worked up about the virus, even in the face of such alarming evidence. “Corona is fake, gone, bro. No funny s***. Enjoy life. No cap,” said the 23-year-old.

Desiigner is not the only rapper to think that coronavirus is a load of BS. Doja Cat, too, was of the belief that the virus wasn’t anything to be concerned about, telling her IG followers in March, “I’m gonna get corona and then I’m gonna get a Corona,” she said in reference to the Mexican beer. “‘Cause I don’t give a f*** about corona, b****. It’s a flu!” The “Say So” rapper eventually changed her tune, however, as she confirmed to Capital XTRA that she contracted COVID-19.