Aidonia & Govana Homage Dancehall Giants In “Yeah Man” Visual

Govana and Aidonia
Govana and Aidonia

Aidonia and his protege Govana homage some giants in dancehall in their new collab, “Yeah man.”

4th Genna deejays Aidonia and Govana have a new song out called “Yeah Man,” and it has their usual bounce and signature sound. The deejays who are real-life best friends delivered the new single with accompanying visuals on Tuesday (August 4).

The freestyle-type production was chopped up by popular Jamaican music mixer Redboom Supamix. Didi and Govy go bar for bar on the track with the intermittent “Yeah Man” adlib defining the track. “Big Tree mek p***y fear mi name (Yeah man) / Rob who? Everywhere mi wear mi chain (Yeah man) / Wave the K pon di nozzle crazy flame / Dat a smoke like Craven-A,” Govana deejays on the track.

The record transitions into another freestyle verse by Aidonia without a hook separating their bars. “Di choppa jus a chop suh / Thru the window a di Axio / Fidel Castro it a clap so like the choir singing gospel / Man tougher than a mash-up of a gyal a get mi c**k s**k (Yeah man ) / Nuh tru mi locs up mek yuh think mi rifle top wuk,” Aidonia deejays in his first verse. Donia also namedrops a few dancehall giants in his verse like Baby Cham, Baby Wayne, Capleton and Agent Sasco.

The Gennas continued the arrangement going back and forth, summoning each other at the end of each of their verses. They both show off their impressive lyricism and wordplay with every chance they get. It seems they had a lot of fun making this track as well as the playful song appears to have been born out of a night of good vibes at the studio. It’s not often that this popular freestyle performance makes it onto an official mainstream dancehall track either.

Aidonia and Govana have been collaborating since the latter’s stage name was “Deablo,” and as pointed out by both artists on the new track, the game has changed ever since the deejay rebranded. “Yuh know how the ops go / Put a duppy pon the astro / The game change from name change to Govana from Deablo” Aidonia deejays.

Check out “Yeah Man” by Govana and Aidonia here.