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Mavado Stole My Song, Says Viral Jamaican Sensation The Baker aka Danny Vengence

Viral Jamaican sensation Bake It Top Shotta, also known as “The Baker,” is accusing Mavado of stealing his lyrics.

The Gully Gad has returned with a buzz, and everyone wants a piece… well, not Drake, of course. Recently, Mavado got his name wrapped up in some beef with the Toronto rapper, and the two artists and former friends have been going at it in song. Not long after dropping his new diss track “Enemy Line,” Mavado’s integrity was called into question when a popular Florida-based Jamaican who went viral for “baking it and baking it” claimed that the dancehall artist stole his song.

Bake It Top Shotta took to Instagram to share a hilarious mash-up video trolling Mavado for allegedly robbing Drake. “Mafraudo You Stole My Top Shotta Song, @jordanchimney @chimneyrecords @djkhaled @mavadogully you ran off with all my credits and didn’t give me nothing,” he wrote in the caption.

“You Rob Drake Money $25000, you f***ing with the wrong people, You Can’t show your face back to Jamaica alive but your body will #StopSmokeCrack #StopPoppingpills and f***ing each other in the studio and I’m going live to expose you and let the world know how wicked you is, You Run but you can’t hide,” he added.

“Bake It” is already receiving a bit of hype from the post calling out Mavado. He has since posted multiple videos to his Instagram of dancehall vloggers reporting that he is currently feuding with Mavado. “Pay up or SHUT THE F**K UP,” he wrote in another threatening caption. Interestingly enough, the entertainer was indeed spotted in the studio with Mavado after he went viral for telling the tale of how he kept “baking it” on a news broadcast in Florida.

The song that Mavado released shortly after that clip of them surfaced online is called “Top Shotta Is Back” and it does, in fact, feature The Baker’s voice in the intro. Bake It Top Shotta has claimed that Mavado did not give him any credit for the song. It is unlikely that Mavado will respond, and especially now, when his name is such a hot topic, he ought to be mindful of what he gives his attention to.

Do you think Mavado actually deceived Top Shotta, or is the entertainer just clout chasing?