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Ja Rule Blast ESPN For Trolling Him Over Milwaukee Bucks Halftime Performance

Ja Rule isn’t too thrilled with ESPN after some good old fashion trolling on Twitter.

It turns out that 50 Cent isn’t the only one who likes to troll Ja Rule on social media. The folks behind ESPN’s Twitter account also found the New York rap veteran a worthy target, but Ja wasn’t gonna let it slide. On Sunday, the sports network tweeted out a video clip from Ja Rule’s infamous performance at the Milwaukee Bucks Halftime show. You can recall, the rap star got roasted on social media after that performance.

It didn’t take long for Ja Rule to get wind of the tweet and took to his own Twitter feed to clap back and called for the social media employee to be fired. “I usually mind my business and ignore the white noise but I think it’s very unprofessional of @espn to try and diminish or discredit who and what I am to this culture… whoever post for your social accounts @espn needs to be FIRED,” he tweeted.

Ja Rule then went on a Twitter rant about the tweet while calling it unprofessional. Still, the majority of the 35 million followers on ESPN’s Twitter page seem to enjoy the clip.

It appears that 50 Cent has not yet gotten wind of the fiasco on Twitter, or else he would’ve already said something about it. Perhaps he is busy spending quarantine time with his smoking hot girlfriend Cuban Link.