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Meek Mill Calls Kanye West Cap On Kim Kardashian Alleged ‘Entanglement’

Meek Mill says Kanye West was capping when he alleged that he and Kim Kardashian got into an entanglement.

Kanye West is continuing his Twitter tirade this week, dragging several names into his commentary, including an accusation aimed at rapper Meek Mill. With rumors of Kim Kardashian-West seeking a divorce, Kanye decided to announce that he has been wanting a divorce as well ever since Kim met up with Meek Mill at the Los Angeles Waldorf last year. The incident in question is widely believed to be all business and reportedly included another person at the meeting.

However, Meek isn’t one to let rumors fly without addressing them, and instead took to Twitter to publicly roll his eyes, saying, “Sh*t is cappp cmon.”

Meek may not have directly referenced the Kanye accusations in his tweet, but it was clear that he isn’t very happy about being pulled into someone else’s marriage drama. Of course, the issues between Kim and Kanye are much more complicated than your average couple, considering that both parties are immensely rich and famous, and Kanye is living with bipolar disorder.

Much of his recent behavior, including his presidential aspirations and Twitter rants, have been attributed to him having a manic episode. Kanye told the world that Kim and her family attempted to fly doctors out to have him committed, even comparing himself to the main character in Get Out who is essentially kidnapped and controlled by white women.

Meanwhile, Kim has maintained her public support of Kanye during what appears to be a very difficult time for the superstar rapper. “As many of you know, Kanye has bi-polar disorder,” she wrote in a public statement addressing his recent mental spiral. “Anyone who has this or has a loved one in their life who does, knows how incredibly complicated and painful it is to understand.” Kim went on to explain that only Kanye can get himself the help he needs, and thanked fans for their concern at this time.