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T.I. Gifted Tiny Harris A New Bentley Whip For Her Birthday

TIP and Tiny

T.I.pulls off a hilarious birthday surprise for his wife Tiny, gifting her a luxury car.

Happy birthday wishes to Tameka “Tiny” Harris, who celebrated her 45th birthday on July 14. The Xscape member posted numerous videos and photos on her Instagram page of her husband, pulling out all the stops to make sure she had an amazing birthday. TIP flew his wife and their family all the way to CoCo beach, where they wined and dined in fine style. The entire family also ventured out on a yacht where they shared some happy memories. This isn’t anything new for the couple, who make a point of going big in celebration of each other. Although the pair have had their fair share of marriage issues, most revolving Tip’s infidelities, they have managed to stand the test of time, reconciling shortly after separating following his affair.

Bursting with love for his incredible wife, the “Whatever You Like” rapper decided to add one more extravagant and unexpected gift in celebration of Tiny’s birthday. T.I. posted the video on Instagram early this morning of him gifting his wife a luxurious new red-colored convertible Bentley. Leading up to the surprise, T.I. drives Tiny to numerous locations where he gives her little clues and hints of what her surprise could be. He hilariously asks her to stick her head outside of the car, like dogs do, saying, “That’s a clue.”

He then takes her to a convenience store and buys her a bottle of Coco-Cola, and also takes her to what he says is her new house decorated with the letter B all throughout. Still, Tiny seems clueless. They make another stop at a supermarket and upon exiting the building, Tiny is met with the gorgeous car topped off with a huge gold bow. There are also gold balloons and confetti to make the surprise grander.

She runs and jumps into her husband’s arms, declaring that she loves her gift. T.I. captioned the post, “Still Poppin it Kid?? Big Daddy da best at dis Birthday Sh*t Mane… Can’t believe she stuck her head out da window though ALL DAY She didn’t have a CLUE Bwaaa-Haaa-Haaaa-Haaaaa 20yrs straight?? It’s a blessing to be a blessing Happy Gday Killa @majorgirl 7/14 Live it UP Love??YKWTFGO SUMMO&SUMMO…4EVA&EVA KID??”T.I. then adds what one could call an endless array of heart emojis.

Tiny responded to the beautiful gesture commenting, “I still can’t believe it Big Daddy… I can’t thank you enough for just going out your way to make this surprise so perfect!! I love u Soooooooo much.”

Fans are now pretty envious, citing that Tip gets his wife a new car every year, and at this point, sis probably has about 300 cars in her garage. Fans are looking to see him step it up a notch next year, stating that Tip should cop Tiny an entire island. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate gift of the decade?