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Keyshia Cole Dumped Younger Baby Daddy Niko Khale, Unfollow Each Other On IG

Keyshia Cole and Niko Khale

Did Keyshia Cole breakup with her baby daddy Niko Khalé?

The rumor mill is churning and the latest headline is that Keyshia Cole and her baby daddy, Niko Khalé, have called it quits. The 37-year old “I should have cheated” singer has been with her musician boyfriend and father of her child, Niko Khalé, for some time now. Niko is currently 23 years old which means that their relationship has been under severe scrutiny since being publicized to the world. Fans are not very comfortable with the 14 year age difference but have resolved to appreciate how happy and glowing Keyshia has looked since getting official with her boo. The couple then happily welcomed a son named Tobias in August 2019. Giving a little insight into her relationship last year, Keyshia went into detail about how she first met Niko. She later added that his maturity is what led her to stay.

Well, it seems that Niko’s lyrics and maturity might not be enough to keep Keyshia Cole locked down anymore as both parties have carried out some serious spring cleaning of their social media accounts. While it isn’t uncommon for artistes and celebs to do a mass deletion of their photos and videos from their account, it normally comes with two reasons. One, they are trying to reinvent their image and two, they are deciding to get rid of memories following a break-up. Fans have deduced that the latter applies in regard to Keyshia and Niko. The pair have also unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Now, Keyshia has only three posts on her page. All the images containing Niko have been deleted. The three posts that remain are all of her singing. One of the videos is captioned, “Never get so comfortable in pain that you forget happiness is still an option! #IssaWord Shout out to EVERYONE tryna heal from things UNSPOKEN!..”

She also made a change to her bio on Instagram now writing, “Choosing to be happy EVERYDAY! Proud Mother of @daniel_gibsonjr and @tobiaskhale.” This has strengthened fans’ break-up arguments tenfold.

In Niko’s case, there is only one image of Keyshia and Niko together still standing, however, it is for the promotion for the release of his track, “Yo Eye”. All other images are family-oriented and include their son Tobias and Keyshia’s son with former NBA player, Daniel.

Fans are now desperate for some confirmation to go along with their detective skills. For now, they’ll just have to keep their eyes peeled to Keyshia’s and Niko’s social media pages for any updates.