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SZA Details Shedding Tears After Getting Curved For A Feature Request

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SZA said she cried after getting curved by Earl Sweatshirt after asking him for a feature.

Almost every artist who makes it to the top must first deal with a whole lot of rejection on the way there. As they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but it might also make you cry. SZA took to Twitter on Thursday to share a tidbit from the early days of her career, writing, “The first feature I ever asked for was earl sweatshirt and he told me no faster than I could blink. I deadass cried…we frens now.”

Many fans commented on the post, some suggesting that SZA shouldn’t be so forgiving towards those who dismissed her in the past. She replied to one such comment, saying, “Lmao UR CRAZY! He’s SO talented. There’s literally ppl that hate me rn that I think are SO talented and idc that they hate me I still bang they sh*t.”

The fact that SZA doesn’t let other artists’ personal opinions of her dictate her taste in music deserves respect, especially since so many celebrities tend to become consumed by their own ego when someone doesn’t like their work. Producer Jay Versace chimed in on the post to comment on the value of rejection, saying, “thankful for them progressive ‘no’s’ that get us in a whole nuva bag.”

SZA responded by letting everyone know that despite her impressive career, she is still getting turned down. “If u knew who told me no the other night,” she wrote cryptically. Jay decided to take the juicy conversation offline, writing, “oop lemme head [to] the texts chyle”.

SZA recently spoke out on her challenges with being confined to a single genre, pointing out that white artists are not usually labeled as only one type of musician the way Black artists are. She has also continued to remain vocal in the fight for racial justice and the push for arrests in the cases of Breonna Taylor and Elijah McClain.

While she might have shed some tears over being turned down years ago, SZA clearly has more important things to worry about these days.