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Iggy Azalea Revealed Hers And Playboi Carti Son’s Name

Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti’s son has been in the headlines a lot this week and now we’re learning his name.

After months of being hidden away from the world, the baby boy made his first public appearance this week. Well, at least his leg did. The little tyke, who is believed to be around two months old, joined his famous mom on a trip to LA, where she is recording tracks for her new album. Paparazzi spotted Iggy Azalea in the airport, along with her nanny, who was holding the baby. Sadly, his face was obscured by a blanket, but we managed to catch a glimpse of his leg after all this time.

Now, fans have even more reason to be excited as the “Black Widow” rapper has revealed the name of the child she shares with the “@ Meh” rapper. Iggy posted a sweet clip of herself talking to her son on the ‘gram. The infant coos in response to his mama saying, “Baby boy, are you going to say something to me?” but most telling is that Iggy Azalea titled the recording, “Amethyst & Onyx”. Amethyst is Iggy’s birth name and is a type of quartz that is typically violet. Onyx is also a type of quartz that symbolizes protection and helps to ward off negativity. A fan commented that the gem stone-inspired names go well together and the 30-year-old responded, “We besties forever.”

Iggy Azalea likely revealed her kid’s name following rumors that she and Carti had called him “Gilbert”. The Australian artist disputed the name, but we really should have known better seeing as she was so creative when coming up with her own professional moniker. “Iggy” was the name of her childhood pet, and “Azalea” was the name of the street on which she grew up in New South Wales.

Welcome to the world, Onyx!

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Baby boyyyyyyy ?

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