Lisa Hyper Reportedly Pregnant, Apologize On Vybz Kartel’s Behalf

Vybz Kartel and Lisa Hyper

Lisa Hyper is reportedly pregnant and she has also issued an apology on Vybz Kartel’s behalf for all those whom he has done wrong.

Dancehall artiste Felecia Gooden, better known as Lisa Hyper, has been one of the internet’s favorite acts as of later. The deejay has been steadily working on reviving her career over the past couple of years, and it seems things are finally lining up perfectly for the entertainer. The 31-year-old made her mark on the industry more than a decade ago as one of the original members of Vybz Kartel’s Portmore Empire. That love as carried through to 2020, earning her multiple spots on Vybz Kartel’s new album Of Dons & Divas. She is also steadily working on new music videos to help promote her album The Phoenix, which is set to be released sometime this month.

During Lisa Hyper’s recent interview with Winford Williams on OnStage, she explained why she apologize to Spice and then surprisingly offered up an apology on Vybz Kartel’s behalf. “I wanna apologize for my boss [Vybz Kartel] too,” she said. “Everyone in society that he has rubbed the wrong way, I wanna apologise for Vybz Kartel on my behalf. He doesn’t know that I am doing this; but I want to do that for him. I need him to come home. I am apologizing for him for anybody that he has wronged.”

The world is once again taking notice of the girl who has definitely risen from the ashes, but a few recent candid moments in front of the camera have left fans to view her in a completely different light. Dancehall selector Foota Hype has earned a reputation for being the goto dancehall plug for otherwise hard to acquire information. During his Youtube LIVE session on Sunday, he expressed that credible sources close to the ‘Sticky Pon Dem’ entertainer have confirmed that Miss Gooden is gearing up to welcome her first child. Hyper herself has not come forward to confirm or deny the allegations.

Some fans are not yet sold on the idea of pregnancy and have instead labeled the protruding bulge as a side effect of poor eating habits and possibly a medical condition such as fibroids. Others were quick to point out recent shots of Lisa Hyper holding a cup, which some have presumed to have been filled with alcoholic beverages. In light of this, many have claimed that the deejay would not be drinking if she was aware of her pregnancy. However, if one is to take Foota Hype’s track record for breaking stories into question, we could be sending congratulations Hyper’s way in the coming months.

Naturally, questions surrounding who the father to be is, have quickly caught wind. As pointed out by Foota, who now being dubbed at the Jamaican Maury, there are 3 possible “candidates” for the position, all of whom are prominent entertainers themselves.

“Kartel is candidate number 1,” he confirmed before explaining just how the deejay who has been incarcerated for close to a decade may have impregnated the “First Lady” of the Gaza; his one-time lover. “From we born we no hear bout no other man fi Lisa Hyper. Me never hear Lisa Hyper own up a next man yet.”

“Dexta Daps is candidate number few, cause we nah put 2 pon di boss name,” he continued. This union may have been bred out of the frequent linkups between Hyper and Dexta. A recent video shared on Lisa’s Instagram shows the two vibing to a recent collaboration, which could mean that the meetups were just for business purposes. It’s hard to blame speculators for this assumption since Dexta Daps is well known for his ability to woo females of all ages and sizes.

After shooting down a couple of big names such as Bounty Killer, Popcaan, Sikka Rymes, and even Gully Bop suggested by viewers, Foota landed on the third candidate, the 6IXX lyrical maestro Chronic Law. To many fans, this seemed like the winning combination since both had already been spotted looking together. Back in May, images surfaced of Chronic Law being embraced by Lisa while in the studio. Another supposed clue pointing to a relationship was when videos of the two vibing during a river excursion were uploaded to the web. Scenes showing both Lisa and the Lawboss were decorated with numerous, romantic heart emojis, confirming more than a musical connection. The relationship is rumored to have caused a rift between the 6IXX and GAZA camp. However, that was dispelled after known Vybz Kartel stan Shemar Mckennon teased the artwork for a track between Kartel, Squash, and Chronic Law. To further squash the rumor, Hyper, and her alleged beau recently offloaded a joint collab titled, “Sin City.”

For many, it is now a matter of when the baby will arrive and what name he or she will be given.