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YNW Melly Told DJ Akademiks He’s Coming Home With New Album

YNW Melly court
YNW Melly in court 2019

YNW Melly reveals that he’ll be out of prison with a fresh new album during a recent phone call with DJ Akademics.

Murder On My Mind” rapper YNW Melly, given name, Jamell Maurice Demons, was arrested and charged on two counts of first-degree murder on February 13, 2019. Police alleged that Melly and fellow rapper, YNW Bortlen, killed two of their friends, YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser. According to police reports, after murdering their friends, the pair staged the crime scene, shooting up a car in an attempt to make the killing appear like a drive-by-shooting. Melly proclaimed his innocence by pleading not guilty on March 6, 2019. Then in a shocking move on April 18, 2019, Florida prosecutors filed paperwork stating their objective to request the death penalty for YNW Melly.

The rapper has been confined to Broward County jail since that time as he awaits his trial. YNW Bortlen, Melly’s accessory to murder, was granted release on bond on May 23, 2019, and is serving house arrest currently. In April, Melly tested positive for Coronavirus, leading his attorney, Bradford Cohen, to file a motion on the rapper’s behalf requesting an emergency release to receive outside medical care. A judge reportedly denied his request.

The rapper has remained in good spirits throughout his illness, recently informing DJ Akademiks that despite his previous release request rejection, he will be out of prison by the end of the year. Ak took to his Twitter and Instagram pages to share the news. He wrote, “Spoke with YNW Melly today on the phone.. he confidently told me, ‘I’m coming home 2020.’ He sang 3 of the songs he wrote in jail and said he made a whole album in there. He can’t wait for every1 to hear. He said most of his fans favorite songs, he made in jail so he’s used 2 it.”

Fans are divided on the subject of his release, with many saying, “Free Melly until it’s backward, Melly Free,” while others state, “He killed 2 of his friends keep him locked up.”

The majority of fans are not as optimistic as Melly, with most of them stating that he will not be released as they’ve heard the claims before, yet he remains imprisoned. Do you believe the rapper will be freed for 2020? This has been the year of strange and impossible happenings.