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T.I. Says He’s Rank With Lil Wayne, JAY-Z & Kanye West In Hip Hop


Rapper T.I. is officially marking his name on the list of Greatest Rappers Of All Time.

The bold statement was bred from the King of the South calling out 50 Cent, who has been perceived as one of the greatest from New York for a showdown on Swizz Beatz and Timbaland’s Verzuz platform. The proposed battle of the South vs the East has caused quite a stir on social media, as both men pinpoint their reasons why they would come out victorious. In true Fifty fashion, the G-Unit man waged psychological warfare through his accusations of T.I. being a snitch.

The “Bring Em Out” rapper made it known that he was not a snitch, nor was he hit by 50’s post. He instead stuck to laying down the accomplishments of his catalog, which now spans nearly two decades.

The various debates on social media seemingly prompted a chat between T.I. and Big Boy. During the discussion, the Atlanta rapper expressed just how insulted he was that he was not being mentioned among the upper echelon of the rap game.

“All the names that people be saying… I don’t think people realize who I am,” growled T.I. “I don’t think y’all really know who I am. I don’t think y’all remember what I’ve done bro. I don’t think y’all know. Just cause I don’t jump up, step up on tables, kick over tables, and demand you to pay attention to me, that don’t mean… Listen, man. You ‘gon have to put mine up there. When you talk about careers, and legacies, and accomplishments, you gotta put me up there… You gotta go talk to Jay-Zs, you gotta go talk to Kanyes. You gotta go talk to Lil Waynes.”

What level do you think TIP should be placed in reference to his work and skills as a rapper?

While West coast top dog The Game did not publicly speak on T.I. tossing himself in the GOAT pen, the Grand Hustle Records owner said that the former G-Unit rapper told him that he has the goods to wash Fifty if they do battle it out.