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50 Cent Shares Savage DM From Will Smith, Invokes Tupac In Jada Pinkett Cheating

50 Cent continues to savagely trolls Will Smitha and even invoking Tupac Shakur amid Jada Pinkett-Smith and August Alsina affair.

On Friday night, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith got really real at the Red Table. The pair had been the topic of whispers for the last two weeks after August Alsina declared that he had been engaged romantically with Jada four and a half years ago. The revelation brought home the realization that one never truly knows what goes on behind closed doors, even in the lives of the rich and famous who are plastered across tabloids. With the knowledge that their almost-23 year marriage was on everybody’s lips, the couple sat down together to set the record straight by letting the public into their personal lives.

Some, like 50 Cent, thought it a bit strange that the Smiths would choose to air their dirty laundry like that for everyone to witness. The “21 Questions” rapper had some questions of his own for Will and posted what appeared to be a text conversation between the pair on his Insta. “But why she tell you that s*** on a show for everybody to see?” Fifty asked in the convo that is probably fake. “We broke up so she did her and I did me,” Will replied. Fifty continued to push the issue, leading to the Suicide Squad actor supposedly becoming annoyed.

During their discussion, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett revealed that their marriage had collapsed by the time August came around. “We were over,” Jada said to her husband. “From there, as time went on, I got into a different kind of entanglement with August.” 30 Rock actor, Michael Blackson, also seemingly tried to chat with the Oscar nominee, and after stating how “entanglement” appeared to entail some bedroom acrobatics, Will allegedly said that he planned to block him.

50 Cent Also shared a clip of a voice over from one of the Fresh Prince Of Belair iconic scenes between Will Smith and Uncle Phil.

“This ain’t five years ago, you know?” the voice over started off saying. “Ain’t like I’m a be sitting up every night asking my wife, ‘when’s August comin’ home?’ Who needs them. I don’t need her then, I don’t need her now. You know what, Uncle Phil. I’m gonna do Bad Boys 4 without her. I’m gonna do I Am Legendary without her. I ‘m a do a CD. I ‘m a do a whole bunch of songs. It’ll be the best CD there ever was… All she gonna do is throw Tupac in my face in front of my kids!”

50 Cent even offered to hire the video editor who did the voice over video.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith look to be in a good space in their relationship at present — despite their secrets being revealed — but fans are of the belief that Will may have had something of his own going on with his Focus co-star, Margot Robbie.