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Intence Diss Foota Hype In “Antisocial” Diss Track, Ignores Vybz Kartel Beef

Intence fired shots at Foota Hype in his new video “Antisocial.”

Foota Hype and Intence have officially entered into the boxing ring to contest who is the ‘baddest.’ The issue seemingly started in the usual hot zone where so many other heated discussions have started, Foota Hype’s Live session. The veteran selector is well known for calling it as he sees it, and in one such session, he mentioned just how prolific Vybz Kartel is in relation to the ladies. According to Foota Hype, The Teacha was still controlling the heartstrings of females who were in relationships with his coworkers.

A brilliant case in point is that of Stylo G’s baby mother, Lisa Mercedez, who has publicly stated that she is in a relationship with Vybz Kartel, even though they have never met physically.

While on IG, Foota decided to inject the “Go Hard” deejay into the topic when he asked, “Unuh feel like seh Intence and Kartel have problem ova song?” He added that Vybz Kartel’s ability to woo females was the reason for many of the beefs the Worl’Boss and others have engaged in. “All a di artiste dem yuh si and kartel a kick off a ova gal” Foota concluded. Intence was clearly not appreciative of the veteran selector making mention of him. He shot back with a clip of himself crafting a fiery diss track with Foota as the main target.

In the short clip uploaded to his Instagram page, Intence can be heard sounding off about how frequently his name is mentioned in the media. He also deejayed about on his love for the ladies and the fun that comes with them before letting off one of the most hurtful phrases one Jamaican can say to another. “Nuh gal cah style mi S**k yo madda foota Hype,” said the Jettlife Boss.

In a move that seemingly places him as the new gatekeeper for the industry, he grants his haters a “pieces a the game” to do as they feel.

However, Foota has never been one to take anything lying down, and he sprung into action on Monday, July 6, 2020, with a proper social media thrashing.

Following his Youtube LIVE session, Foota took to Instagram to share a mockup poster for “Intence Life Matter.”

He continued in the captions below the poster by addressing what he believes is the reason for actions displayed by Intence that he does not approve of.

“Boys who are Sexually abused have serious problems it affects the victims mentally,” mentioned Foota in relation to an alleged revelation fellow Jettlife member and friend iWaata made to his girl, who in turn said it to Foota.

“Thats y they hate females bleach out their skin leave their a_s exposed all the time @intenceyengbadnessjettlife the family Court is open all week pls get help,” he expressed to the young entertainer.

During his Youtube session, he regurgitated claims made by controversial actor and public figure Keith Ramsay better known as Shebada, of Intence being a part of his clique. To this end, Foota bashed all the #Yengbadness associates and fans for coming at him instead of attacking Ramsay.

Referring to Intence as the “Little Snail,” Foota commented on what he saw as a lukewarm response to Vybz Kartel’s action. “How that warrant fi you feel like you fi tell Foota fi s__k him Madda… and yuh fraid fi tell Kartel fi s__k him Madda, and yuh fraid fi tell the gyal wa go de wid Kartel fi s__k her Madda, but you feel like you fi tell Foota go s__k him Madda,” he questioned before telling Intence, “Yuh pass Yuh place.”

Foota Hype decided to serve the piping hot tea of who exactly Kartel swept from Intence.

“Member say when Yeng snail, dancehall sprat get him likkle song…him go de wid Rebel,” mentioned Foota about the now-defunct relationship Intence and Team Spice’s top talent, Dancing Rebel shared. A bit further in the LIVE session Foota explained the circumstance under which Rebel and Intence met.

He added, “Kartel like Rebel and Kartel look Rebel and get Rebel. And you know Rebel a gwaan wid her thing and a send Kartel him picture and him video dem. Yeng Sprat search her phone and see the message dem to Kartel and a war wid her. A that’s why you see she lef Yeng Sprat ya now.”

Foota Hype held nothing back during his LIVE session and spoke on what he saw as Intence’s unusually close bond with his dad, which he saw as a result of trauma from abuse.

“Member me never diss you, me know yuh business and me never wa talk,” said the dancehall selector.

You can peep the entertaining and revealing LIVE session in full below.