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50 Cent Gets Gangster Threw Chair At Man In Restaurant Brawl, Video Went Viral

50 Cent went berserk and threw a chair at a man in a video that has since gone viral.

50 Cent is a major troll on social media, but he is a real-life gangster in real life. A couple months ago, he was rumored to have punched French Montana in the face after the two ran into each other in Miami following their social media beef. This time, Fifty decided a chair was more appropriate to throw at a guy who heckled him at a restaurant in New Jersey.

According to TMZ, who posted the video on Thursday, 50 Cent and the unnamed man previously beef for unknown reasons. Somehow they crossed paths while Fif was quietly having a meal with his crew including his girlfriend Cuban Link. Sources say 50 Cent was dining on the outside dining area of the restaurant at Edgewater Commons Mall in Edgewater, NJ, when the man walked up and exchanged words with the rapper.

It seems his words were enough to send 50 Cent into a rage, and in the viral clip below, you can see someone resembling Fifty throwing a chair at a man. The chair missed the target, but things escalated pretty quickly. There is no word yet on if police officers were called in, but Fif is okay because he is back on Instagram trolling after leaving the scene in his white Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Sources also say that the chair that 50 Cent threw hit a Lexus parked outside, which means the G-Unit rap mogul might be on the hook to fix the car.