Shenseea Blast Trolls Accusing Her Of Sacrificing Her Mother, “Unu Sick As F**k”

Shenseea says you’re sick if you think she sacrificed her mom, and she needs prayer more than pity.

Less than a week after the tragic passing of Shenseea’s mother, the dancehall star is speaking out in an Instagram Live video. Following the sad news dominating the headlines this weekend, many people online started to speculate that Shenseea “sacrificed” her mother as a trade-off for a more successful career. The old clich√© has ties to several archaic celebrity myths about cult-like programs taking human offerings for world fame and financial rewards.

Shenseea did not respond to the rumor circulating online, but she did address it during an Instagram Live session, where she talked about coping since her mother passed away. “Yuh see in a time like this when mi mada dead and unu come a talk bout sacrifice, dat show me seh a di devil himself sen unu so mi neven fi get worked up over that,” she said. “But mi need unu fi know as well seh I really can find you, I really can. It’s really not hard but I won’t because God – yuh cya hide from God.”

The dancehall singjay’s tone suggested that the thought was absurd, and she never actually dignified the claims with a direct response. “As I said He (God) is looking out for me,” she continued. “So whoever talk bout me sacrifice my mada unu sick as f**k. Sick sick sick sick sick sick sick yuh f***k. Sick sick sick bredda. Unu sick!”

Shenseea went on to say that contrary to what we might expect based on all the hate she gets online, she never gets the same energy in person. “Everywhere me go a love. Nobody never yet style me yet in person. All a me show them full,” she said. “So that really show yuh say social media is not real life and me need unu to understand that.”

“Social media is really just a front for some people,” Shenseea added. The “Blessed” singer was visibly still distressed as she thanked her fans for the support and talked about her anxiety following her mom’s death. She explained that she has been experiencing heart tremors during her grief stage. “Mi nuh waan no pity, mi nuh waan yuh feel sorry fi me. As mi seh mi jus really really need prayer. A jus really dat mi need,” she pleaded.

It’s a sad world we live in when a successful young woman can’t mourn her own mother in peace without these foul accusations. Of course, it comes with the territory of being an entertainer, but there is a human being in mourning at the other end of Instagram. Our condolences again to Shenseea and her family.

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